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I've just completed my first task force on CoH. My eyes are square. [].[] And my attack fingers are numb! And I've got a gaming date in half an hour. *laugh* But Petite is now level TWENTY-FIVE, which makes her, I do believe, my highest-level character, and a month ago she was only 19th level. Woot. :)

omg i'm tired. *laugh*

In more meaningful accomplishments, got another 2600 words written, and once more stopped practically mid-sentence after achieving my wordcount goal. I'm pretty sure that's not the morally superior way to go about it, but I don't care very much. Hit 40K on the book and am starting to push 200 pages. Yay. :)

The Charles de Lint quote made it onto the cover of COYOTE. *beam* And *SO* did "Book 3 of the Walker Papers", which astounds and delights me. And I think my name has gotten bigger. O.O :)

ytd wordcount: 41,100
miles to Dunharrow: 130
Tags: city of heroes, writing
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