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After a long dry week I did 2600 words this morning. Finished chapter 10. I'm beginning to suspect I'll be going through these early chapters and cutting out two or three chapters worth of Stuff, which I happened to also do on the second book in this series and don't even get me started on the first book. This is not an efficient way to write a book, but I guess if it gets the job done...

Apparently the photography class last night was great. Ted learned a lot and was very enthusiastic and although I'm pretty wiped out from going back to the car dealer today I wish I'd gone to the class. Although I'd have not written today if I had, I'm pretty sure. I'll just have to study on my own, I guess.

There's a 12 week beginners yoga class starting the 27th in Cork that I got a flyer for. They say it is an "intensive course". I wonder what that means. (I've emailed to ask.) Perhaps if I'm a good Kit I'll take the class...

ytd wordcount: 36,300
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