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and we have deal memo

The ink is drying on the deal memo, so I have a green light to announce that there will be three more Walker Papers!

The next Walker Papers novel will be out in 2009, with the following books in 2010 and 2011 (buh). In the *meantime*, the following books will be out (titles subject to change):

COYOTE DREAMS (Walker Papers #3, May 2007)

HEART OF STONE (Book One of the Negotiator Trilogy (?), November 2007)

HOUSE OF CARDS (Book Two of the above, March 2008)

THE QUEEN'S BASTARD (Book One of, er, no series title yet, May 2008)

HANDS OF CHANGE (Book Three of the Negotiator Trilogy, September 2008)

Good gawd. o.o

eta: from comments, it occurs to me to clarify: the Negotiator trilogy is an all-new urban fantasy series under the C.E. Murphy byline that will be put out from Luna in trade paperback. THE QUEEN'S BASTARD is my epic (sci-fantasy) thing from Del Rey; the second book of it will be out in 2009. :)

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