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No doubt it'd be better to wait to post this until tomorrow, so I'd have something else to say besides BOOTS!, but if I've nothing to say tomorrow you'll all just have to languish in the silence of the Kit.

Ted and I signed up for a four-week photography class, the first meeting of which was held tonight. I was, I admit, pretty skeptical when I saw the syllabus, which said week one would involve learning about camera accessories and photoshop. Well, it in fact turned out to be quite useful: I learned a bunch of minor things about photoshop that I had not previously known and which will make touching up photos much easier. And I learned how to override the automatic settings on the camera, which was worth the price of admission. (Probably I could've learned from reading the manual, but c'mon. Get real.) Ted, it seems like, picked up about the same amount of information, so I think this was a good investment. Plus it gets us out of the house, even if I didn't want to get out this evening. :) Perhaps especially if I didn't want to get out. :)

Gosh, another couple things like this and it might start looking like I have a life! :)

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