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We went into Cork today to find Ted some shoes (apparently this is the Fortnight Of The Shoe) and upon arriving at Patrick Street, discovered sammywol trundling toward us. Actually, Ted discovered her, and said, "Hey, isn't that sammywol? To the left. The left. The *left*," while I looked all over the place and failed to find her. Turned out she and mylescorcoran and their daughter were just about to go have lunch at the self-same restaurant Ted and I were planning to eat at, so we agreed to meet there after she'd done her last errand and went off to get seats.

Only it turned out we were going to Gino's and they were going to Milano's, so we turned back around and met up with her again to be directed to Milano's, 'cause we didn't know where that was. :) Anyway, so that was a very nice lunch and unexpectedly social. Sammy and Myles's daughter is quite adorable, and drew her daddy a picture of a flying saucer while we were waiting for pizza to arrive. :)

And we did get Ted some shoes. Same sort I got a few days ago, because I like mine. Whether he likes his that much remains to be seen.

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