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so late it's early

Staying up all night to watch over the dog, who's still sicking up. Possibly she's sicking up now because she's a bit dried out and apparently when dogs get dried out they'll vomit if they drink too much. Like, you're supposed to reintroduce water 2 teaspoons at a time for a dog Chantico's size. That's not very much water! Poor puppy is *all* tired out. I expect I'd be tired, too, if all I'd been doing since Wednesday morning sometime was throwing up or sleeping. o.O

...y'know, I've got nothing to say. I heard a teacher on the train the other day saying he'd taught for twenty years and never met a genius, which led me to wonder what constituted actual genius. I know lots and lots of very very smart people, many, perhaps most, of whom have technical genius IQ, but I don't think it's just the IQ that makes a genius. And so I've been meaning to blog about that and see what people thought, and, um, I guess that's what I'm doing now. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 92
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