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Very tired. I got up very early because I had an awful dream and then couldn't go back to sleep because my tummy was upset. Sigh. But we went to see the vet this afternoon and he thinks Chanti's probably got a mild kidney infection. He gave her some antibiotics and we'll go see him again tomorrow afternoon to see if her fever's down and if she's doing better. (I expect we'll be able to tell the latter ourselves, really, if dog antibiotic shots work anything like at the rate human antibiotic shots do.) I'm very relieved. The vet was a very nice (and slight) man. Good thing Ted was there to lift the eighty pound dog around. :) Anyway, the vet didn't feel anything catastrophic was wrong; her eyes are pretty bright, she's got a bit of a fever, but that all things considered she's not badly dehydrated, and that mostly the poor dog was just miserable, and if she was not improved by tomorrow he'd recommend her on to someone who could do X-Rays. So I'm much relieved, and very, very tired.

I'll try to write tomorrow. I didn't even make a stab at it today. I'm not, however, going to make my 150 page goal, which is kinda sad. Oh well. Next time!

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