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Today's is the 250th* photo published on (kitsnaps). The site launched on February 3, 2006, so I'm not quite at a photo a day, but not doing too badly.

Overall, not as strong as the earlier seasons, and the final episode left a bad taste in the mouth. I see why people said they couldn't end it there: it feels like it ended on a lie, and that's ugly. I hope the fifth season makes it work, but I'm not sure it will.

There were several factors that felt grafted on: Jason Berkowitz, the Center, Mr. Jones, and a major playing point in the third episode got used and dropped in a way that I didn't buy. Something similar happened with the head of Oversight: a situation was set up and then not used at all, in a way that made no sense. It felt rather like nobody expected the show to have made it that long and the writers were forced to pull ideas out of their ... ears ... to keep some the story arcs going.

Surprisingly few of the episodes focused on Nikita; I kind of get the idea Peta Wilson must've been getting tired of playing the character by then. This wasn't necessarily detrimental to the show: we got some very nice Michael storytelling (man he's a good actor) and some good stuff with Berkowitz (although not what I would have done with him).

On the other hand, the things that worked worked *well*. Madeline had a breakdown that was totally disturbing, there was a rather wonderfully creepy Psycho sort of episode, and there was one extremely augh-worthy character death. So...yeah. A real shame about the last episode leaving such a bad taste in the mouth, because the season as a whole might've pulled it off if it weren't for that.

Chanti isn't feeling better. :( I'm thinking of sleeping downstairs on the couch so if she gets sick somebody'll wake up to put her outside. Poor puppy. :( If she's not feeling better tomorrow we're going to find a vet, I think. I don't know how we'll *get* her to one, though. :( *worry*

I did not write at all today. :P And I've got to be in town at 2pm tomorrow (unless we're finding a way to bring Chanti to the vet), so I'm a bit dubious about writing tomorrow. *sigh* Maybe I'll catch up on Saturday and Sunday and take Monday/Tuesday off and have a short work week next week...

*This is somewhat misleading, because there were a few test photos that got deleted, but I keep trying to remember to post landmark photos and forgetting, and I've remembered tonight, and dammit, it *is* the 250th photo published, if not exactly the 250th available, and it's my site anyway so I can count how I want to. *sullen look*
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