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last post on this topic for a while, promise :)

I suspect you, my loyal readers, are no actual help at all, or at least, not in the practicality of finances department. I have decided against the Bergen boots, even though they are very sexy, because I less need very sexy boots than ones I can walk in. Consequently, I somehow ended up buying a pair of the brown leather Cavalios, which are also riding style boots and which cost more than either the Ravennas (which they don't have in my size) or the Bergens. *squints at you all* This is all somehow your fault.

I ordered the other two pair, too. The Ravennas and the Cadizes. Odds of sending them *all* back because they're not wide enough are probably very high, but what the hell. Worth a shot, right?

Ok, having indulged in way too much retail therapy, I need to go work on my book so somebody'll pay me so I can afford all the shoes I just bought... :)
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