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shopping and shoeses

I think I walked five thousand miles today. In that time, I bought one pair of shoes. If someone had told me three months ago that the place to find tennies in Ireland was a *sporting goods store* I would have been much less cranky about shoe shopping. I did not, however, think to ask, and had an epiphany about it this afternoon after an hour or so of walking around wondering why in hell the Irish did not have tennies in their shoe shops. I ended up getting a pair of Springboost shoes, which are supposed to be carbon neutral posture improving walking shoes. They were astonishingly comfortable and I will be curious to see if they live up to the hype.

I tried *very very hard* to buy more than one pair of shoes. *Very* hard. I spent *three hours* shoe shopping. I thought I should get some spiffy walking shoes and then a less spiffy pair for sluffing around in. I found a pair at Dunnes that were good sluffing around in shoes, except they came in 6s and 7s and the 6s were Too Small and the 7s were Too Big. (I have learned today that I wear a size 40 European, 6.5 UK, and 9 US, if the sizes on the shoe box are to be believed. NINE! *NINE*!? When did my feet get to be NINES?!)

I found a variety of boots I'd be willing to buy, all of which quailed and failed before the might of my calves. (My sister made me measure my calves the other day. 42 centimeters. That's sixteen and a half inches. I did not and will not measure my thighs. :))

Oh. Oh *dear*. DuoBoots is having a sale, and I know what size shoes I wear. And I have tried valiently to find boots in Cork. I *have*. And I only need two pair. A brown pair and a black pair. Honest. Oh dear. (I do not need this pair, even if they are OMG sexy. OMG.) Oh dear. O.O

Oh dear indeed. Woow. Light-headedness strikes. I shall trust this is from not eating anything worth mentioning today, and not at the idea of buying boots that fit. You are spared further shoe commentary while I drag myself downstairs and try to figure out what to eat...

miles to Dunharrow: 78
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