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End of week writing tally: 86 pages, approximately 21,000 words. 5 and a half chapters written, and I broke a hundred pages on the book. I'm 14 pages short of 20 pages a day, but 16 pages *over* my non-over-achiver goal of 15 pages a day, so I'm really happy with the week's output. And I'm utterly and totally looking forward to not having to write over the weekend. :)

Weekend plans include buying new walking shoes (mine are pretty much dead. I have cratered a hole over my right big toe, though the outside of the shoe shows no signs of any such thing.), going to Fota, and burning through CoH levels as fast as I can during double XP weekend. Also perhaps reading the Liz Williams book I picked up from Nightshade Books at WFC, and watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which I've had on Netflix for like three weeks now. Maybe longer. I may or may not attend the gaming convention; I'm more likely to stop by and say hi than play any games, but Ted, I think, is going, as he is a much much more avid gamer than I am.

I thought I had other things to say, but I can't think of them, so I'll just post this. :)

ytd wordcount: 24,300
miles to Dunharrow: 73
Tags: 20 page challenge, city of heroes, cons, daily life, gaming, writing

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