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I have a Superman t-shirt with the big S on the front. I've also got a Batman t-shirt. I feel...somewhat self-conscious wearing these shirts in this country (particularly the Superman one, because it is So! Blue! and So! Red! and So! Yellow!), because people (especially women) don't seem to wear these sorts of things here.


Last time I wore the Batman t-shirt, as we were getting off the train, a two year old boy in front of us looked back at me from his father's arms and started bouncing up and down and saying, "Batman! Batman, Dada, Batman!" and pointing excitedly at me. And this afternoon on my walk I came upon a three year old girl and her mother and as I approached the little girl said, "Superman! Superman! That lady's a Superman!"

It's possible these things make it rather worth being a weird American female who wears American Icon t-shirts in a furrin country. :)

(Also, I wore the Batman shirt to the Bon Jovi concert, and as we were walking by the thousands toward the stadium, the college boys who lived along the street who were standing out front watching the procession and drinking beer and heckling people, began to sing the old Batman tv show theme song, which I thought was just fantastic. :))
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