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Fuh. Ree. Zing. Five mile walk did me much good, but my hands apparently got colder than I realized and still hain't warmed up. Still, it was really gorgeous out and I'm very glad I went for a walk. I feel better. I've got to just do that in the morning, I think. Blood stirring and all that. Stir stir stir. I keep waking up at 6:30 anyway. Perhaps I should just convince myself to get out of bed then. I don't know how to *do* that, mind you, short of applying a sharp electric shock or something...

I'm nearly at 100 pages on the manuscript, though. That's something. :)

I started looking at little MP3 players yesterday, 'cause commenters are correct in that it'd be more handy than a CD player. There are some nifty lil' tiny ones that are flash drives, which, given my amazing ability to lose connecty cords, seems like the right way to go about it. I may order one in the next day or two here. I might try looking in Cork first, but I'm kinda guessing ordering one will be the way to go.

Anyway, having mentioned yesterday that I was looking at MP3 players, rob_donoghue wanted to know what music library I used. After he explained to me what that meant (iTunes, Rhapsody, some others, I guess), I said I didn't use any of them (and I honestly still don't *understand* why they're helpful or something you'd bother with, aside from having the vague impression they might help you find new music you'd like). He thought that was very strange, but there's a terrible truth about me: I'm really not much of a computer or gadget geek. (rfrancis, who is waiting for me to set up my new microphone headset, can attest to this.) I'm even less of a music geek (as drivingblind is aggravatingly aware. To wit: everybody else in the world apparently said, "Oh look, Roger Daltry is playing a character on the Highlander tv show." I, however, said, "Hey, did you know the guy who plays Fitz is the lead singer of the Who?!" when I first saw them performing on TV, some three years after he played the Highlander part.), so I really can't fathom what I'd be doing with these mystical music library things.

I think I had some kind of point when I started typing that paragraph, but I've since forgotten what it was. So I'll move on to the next part of our exciting installment, which is to say that having walked five miles or so today, I'm actually going to go into town and try to find some shoes on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Oh, and Ted passed his test that allows him to apply for a driver's license. The Irish do things very oddly, so they do. :)

ytd wordcount: 20,700
miles to Dunharrow: 72
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