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Yesterday Mom made a comment about my copious free time, which I'm always bemoaning a lack of. Truth is, though, I have plenty of free time. What I don't especially have is discipline in what I do in that free time. As I said to Mom, I use up most of my discipline writing.

That said, Maria Snyder just mentioned in her newsletter the non-residency university she got a Masters in writing popular fiction at, and it reminded me (yet again) how much I would like to get an MFA in creative writing. There are a number of problems with this. One is that it's been made pretty clear to me that MFAs are books by committee, and I'm quite good at writing them all by myself, thanks. I can barely begin to fathom just how much books by committee would piss me off. :) Another is that attempting to write a book by committee would, I expect, really cut into my writing a book for money gig, and I'm rather fond of that bit. Another is that I would in fact have to apply discipline in order to achieve the goal, and I'm bad enough about cleaning the house; getting an MFA might be beyond me. Still, I'd really like to have one someday. Personal satisfaction, you know? It's just a little difficult to imagine stopping, or cutting back, on the day job so somebody could teach me how to write...

There was at least one other thing I fully intended to blog about, but I cannot remember what it was right now. Oh well. Guess it couldna been that important.

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