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My hair is slowly returning to the Natural State of a Kit's Hair, which is to say, it's getting progressively shorter. I got it cut yesterday (photos here, but I think I'm probably going to go back in and get them cut some more. It's okay as it is, but seems sort of half-assed, and I don't really think having the bits around my face is especially flattering. I'll bring in a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow from Sliding Doors and say "do that to it", though it may be very nearly too *short* now. On top, anyway.

arcaedia liked TQB. Whew. I'm nervous about that one, 'cause it's so far off my beaten path. *squirms around and wriggles* :)

There's a four week photography class thingy in Cork I'm going to do in February.

That's about it from Ireland's windy southern coast today.
Tags: compulsive hair disorder, tqb
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