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I am totally tired and totally without brain. It was lovely out this morning, so I took myself on a walk down into Cobh town and took some pictures, then trundled back home, where I proceeded to do none of the things I'd meant to today. Well, no, that's not true, I did finally make marshmallow creme so I can make fudge for a couple people. And then I cleaned the kitchen and made cornbread to go with the (insanely good) chili Ted made for dinner. And we watched PiratesII, which was actually more fun to watch the second time because I knew in advance there were two or three interminably long scenes, so I could get up and get water or whatnot without fearing I'd miss something. :)

That's the exciting life of a writer. :) Actually, it was a really nice day and I'm feeling all sleepy and mellow, which is good.

Oh! My one big excitement for the day was that I got my membership card to Fota Wildlife Park, which surprised me greatly, 'cause they said 7-10 days, so I figured, you know, like, March. :) It turns out it's good for not only the wildlife park but also the Dublin Zoo! And I can take 3 adults and 2 children in on the card, so Ted and I'll have to go up to Dublin and get Deirdre and her family and all go to the zoo. I think that'd be fun. :) So I'm all happy about that, and will make regular use of the membership. I think Fota is Way Cool. :)

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