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'round about the beginning of the month, I joined day_on_earth, which is an *incredibly* nifty photography community. The idea is to share photos from around the world for each 24 hour period, so the moderator posts at international date line midnight and you have a day to take a picture and add it to the comments on the photo. Then one picture's selected for the top level posting, letting you scroll through the main page and see a photo a day from around the world, or you can go through comments to see everybody's photos from all over.

Ted and I went to Fota on Sunday and I got an awesome picture of a peacock, and it got chosen as the Sunday photo! I'm *ridiculously* pleased about this! *beam*

(Now is a good time to remind people about kitsnaps, right? And about its lj feed at kitsnaps. :))
Tags: day on earth, fota island, kitsnaps, photography, squee!

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