kit (mizkit) wrote,

bib bib bib!

*frantic running around* I haven't heard from Luna yet today. However, I *have* heard from all three agents I contacted this morning.

One is the afore-mentioned Jennifer Jackson, to whom I am sending the S&3 and we'll talk more tomorrow after she reads it. She's calling Matrice to tell her that she's looking at the book proposal. This is okay with me, because she's my first choice as an agent.

Two is Michelle Grajkowski, who is the agent who currently has RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow morning.

Three is Jessica Faust, whom I emailed because 1. she's coming to Writer's Weekend next summer and 2. Sarah met her recently and liked her very much. She was *very* personable on the phone and I liked her a lot, although she's not, both from what the website suggests and what she herself said, the best fit for me as an agent.

As Angie said: I guess selling a book is indeed the best way to get an agent. :)

So that's where all that is. I've sent the S&3s to Jennifer and Jessica and asked Michelle if she wanted one. I also emailed Jennifer a short letter on my career goals and what I was looking for in an agent (which I'd sent to the other two as well, but I contacted them through email and had called Jennifer this morning, what with not having her email address), and, well, so now we see what happens next. :)

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