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a challenge

Michele Hauf's just finishing up a challenge she and a friend are doing: rough draft their books in 10 days. Gail Dayton is doing a 20 pages a day for two weeks challenge.

Anybody wanna join me in something similar? The next book up for me is HANDS OF CHANGE, the third and final book in the Old Races Negotiator trilogy. It's supposed to come in around 125K, so no way am I going to do a draft in 10 days (12K a day for 10 days? I'd spend the next two months lying on my back drooling.), but 20 pages a day, excluding weekends, for two weeks would do some serious damage to the first half of the book.

I wouldn't ask other people to do 20 pages a day, just to do whatever goal they wanted to set for themselves. Me, I like a little competition... :)

Anyone up for it?
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