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The intarweb tubes have lost their suction today. That's okay. Instead of dorking around on the computer, I'm alternating between walking, reading, and watching s8 SG:1. This is a pretty good way to spend the day. :)

Overall, this season is not as good as the last, er, seven. One of the things I like about SG:1 is that it's not brilliant television, but it's damned consistent television full of delightful character moments that rises occasionally to great and more rarely dips to adequate or bad.

Sadly, s8 is running at adequate instead of good. I can't tell if this is an actual drop in quality or if the two years that have intervened since we watched s7 have altered my perception of it. While SG1's ability to pull the fat out of the fire at the last moment every time was kind of annoying, this whole episodes ending on flat notes all over the place is far more annoying.

However, the episode introducing Claudia Black's character and her interactions with Daniel, *especially* him squishing her head on the screen, was very very funny indeed. :)

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