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best bubbles evar

Best Tiny Bubbles Ever: Jim Butcher is in Toronto filming a scene as an extra in the upcoming tv show THE DRESDEN FILES, based on Jim's own books. *beams like an idiot*! To quote Jim, "So I'm standing there, with Butters and Murphy and Harry, only EVERYBODY ELSE CAN SEE THEM TOO."

AHAHAHA *beam*

Lots of bubbles today:

Fuel-cell hydrogen-powered motorcycle. Top MPH of 50, which they're complaining about as being snail-like, but I think it sounds awesome. I want one. More here.

I swear I'll lose thirty pounds so I'll look That Hot if someone will just buy me this military jacket. It's even a tax writeoff! (And, ok, it's a Bon Jovi thing. I'm a fangirl, what can I say?) (Jesus, they only come in XSmall, Small, and medium. I'd probably fit in a medium, but jeez.)

Wood computer & stereo cases. V. sexy.

The new Apple iPhone is, to quote rob_donoghue, basically made entirely out of sex.

So I went out searching on the intarwebs and found this site yesterday, which allows you to practice a dvorak keyboard without actually converting yours over. It gives you words in 200 word blocks so you can practice.

After 800 or a thousand I was getting pretty comfortable with the home row keys, so I switched up to the next level. Which ... went ... much ... more ... slowly ... :) Exhausted my little brain, trying to keep the right letters in mind.

However, I've got to say that it's a fairly intuitive layout (which, yes, I gather is the point); the worst problems for me so far have been the O and U, which, in home-row words, don't get enough use for me to remember where they are. Switching up to the next level, where I started to use more letters, helped me start to get over that. It introduced the next difficulty, though, the L key switch: "L" is where a QWERTY keyboard's "P" key is, which basically puts it close enough to where it "belongs" to confuse my brain. Similarly with the E/D switch: close enough to home to be confusing, obvious enough in placement to be natural.

Problems that are possibly unique to me and I find amusing: on a standard, non-ergonomic keyboard, I hit the "Y" key with my left index finger. You're supposed to hit it with your right index finger, but I cross over. Can't do it on an ergonomic keyboard, obviously, because the layout stretches it too far away. But the example keyboard they've got on the screen on that page is a standard one, so looking at it makes me reach for the "F" key (where the "Y" is on a qwerty board) with my left hand. And miss. :) I also had to type out some stuff just to see what finger I typically hit the "R" key with (left index), so I could explain to my brain that it would be more efficient to try to hit the new "P" key with that finger instead of the left middle, which I kept trying to do.

I'll probably keep doing dvorak postings for the next several days while I work on switching over to that layout. I'm sure you're all really excited about that. It's kind of fun, though, or at least, *I* think so! :)
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