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a v. quiet day

I did >< much writing today. 700 words. Enough to finish the TRUTHSEEKER proposal. Then I read two books, neither of which I liked very much, and I'm seriously considering repeating this pattern tomorrow, except maybe without the writing and hopefully with books I enjoy. My dumb shoulder is somewhat better, but not lots. I've been trying to type without using my right pinky, which causes me to want a keyboard with an enter and apostrophe and 'p' key on the left-hand side. (Makes me wonder, too, if DVORAK is worth learning...)

Ted and I took down the Christmas tree, watched a couple episodes of s8 Stargate, had a nice dinner...generally a very quiet day.

As promised, two synopses for books that are already available: URBAN SHAMAN and THE CARDINAL RULE. These contain spoilers.

The SHAMAN synopsis was written after the book was. It is...brief. Amusingly brief, to me. It Covers The High Points. It is possibly my favorite synopsis ever. :) It is not necessarily any good. (If you want good synopses, apparently you should go learn at the feet of dancinghorse. Generally, in fact, that's good advice to follow. I don't think I've read any of her books without, at some point in it, thinking, oh, so that's how you do that...! You want to read a master of the craft at work, read her books.)

The CARDINAL synopsis is actually kinda fun to read (for me, anyway) for the differences between it and the final book. Some things, like names, got changed at editorial request. Other things just flat out didn't happen in the book. It kinda makes me want to re-read the book to compare the synopsis to the end result. :) Anyway, there you go, if you've got questions or comments, feel free to make 'em here or email 'em to me. :)

Awesome: birth of an ocean basin.

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