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Houston, we have video.

Apparently installing SP2 was the critical bit in getting my vid feed to work. I haven't turned flash back on automatically (in part because, uh, I don't remember how I turned it off), but I can at least now play youtube vids and whatnot at whim. Yay. :)

In general: this show didn't have very many misses, particularly for a season one show. We said a number of times, especially in the second half of the season, "Wow, that was a really good ep," and being consistently surprised and then amused at our consistent surprise.

In more specific: gosh I like Jensen Ackles. Dean is a really good character. I like him better than Sam, who is a perfectly fine character, but Dean's got that lovely stoic angst going. Also, you can see his entire face (my god, I've turned into my mother), which Sam's stupid haircut doesn't allow for (otoh, Sam In A Towel. Rawr.). :) I also almost a hundred percent dislike the father, who is a totalitarian dickwad. But Dean, ah, Dean. Looks out for his baby brother an' kills the bad things. *snif* So sweet!

Consequently, my favorite episodes were Dean eps. "Faith" was hands down the best episode of the season (and it had Darla! that was keen! :)), although "Route 666" was also pretty good (and hoo boy what a *babe* Dean's girlfriend is). I really like his complete inability to deal with emotional issues (especially compared to College Boy Sam, who is clearly a Sensitive White Guy, and who tries to Talk About Stuff). :) Which made me REALLY like the episode (I've forgotten the title) where the witch is sucking the lives out of kids, and Dean tells the older brother in the most recent family that's been attacked that yeah, he'd do anything for his little brother, while Sam is in the room. I was all "awww!"

Both Ted and I said, when Meg appeared in the story, "She's way too cute. She must be evil."

Possibly the best bit of watching the last episode was when the semi hit the car (AUGH THE *CAR*!) I had Lucy on my lap and my hands on her, and I spasmed and pushed down on her and she shot off my lap and tore across Ted's chest and scared the hell out of both of us. *laugh*

I do have one serious issue with some information given out in the last couple episodes. Ok, I knew that the demon was going after babies with psychic potential. That was pretty obvious, particularly after Telekinetic Kid. (In fact, it was so obvious that when Rosie's mother said, "It's like she's reading your mind" I was all OKAY WE GET IT WE ALREADY HAD IT THE CLUE STICK IT HURTS, but maybe that was just me. Anyway.) I'm not clear why every single one of their mothers got wasted, nor what happened to the babies or the rest of the family if Daddy or somebody didn't manage to rescue them, but ok, maybe that'll come out later. (I mean, are they the 27 demonic possessions this year? Or what? Well, anyway.) However:

Sam's girlfriend Jess *completely* fails to fit in the pattern. She had no 6 month old child. She had no family. She had, yeah, a psychic boyfriend, but that is *totally* not the pattern, and it bugs me. It suggests bad storytelling and hauling the plot around to do what they needed it to in order to get Sam into the game again. I don't like it. I hope that there's a satisfactory explanation further down the road, but I'm really dubious. So that makes me cranky, but other than that, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next season. :)
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