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Apparently January will be the Month of Rereading My Own Books. I got email from my editorial assistant yesterday saying he'd noticed they didn't have an art fact sheet for HOUSE OF CARDS, the second book of the Old Races Negotiator(?) series yet, and could I fill one out by today. (And, bless him, he said I could fill it out in a word document instead of through the system that I dislike. Yay!)

So, y'know, no problem. But I haven't read that book since September, and doing an AFS needs--well, I've got some ideas for the cover, but I'd like to see if there are specific images in the book to use, and just to get a feel again for the whole story thematically and all of that. (And with any luck I will enthuse myself about writing the third book in the series, in the process. :))

So today's going to be a day for doing work-that's-not-writing. My other editor emailed yesterday and said what did I think about having a map for THE QUEEN'S BASTARD (I thought it was a great idea, as I'd been thinking of it myself and forgot to mention it), so I have to scare up a map of appropriate era and re-draw it. Need to check Ted's map books. He may very well have a European map from the 1580s in there. I also need to create a cast of characters list, though I've got that mostly done already because *I* needed one to keep my characters straight at first. And then since I had it already I mostly kept it up. :)

Anyway, so this morning I'm making bread, doing laundry, reading HOUSE OF CARDS, and looking for maps. This afternoon I'll be doing the AFS. And later this afternoon I think I need to round up some people and do some brainstorming on the individual quests for ANGLES, 'cause I'm in a rut on them now and need to be shaken loose.

If I'm feeling *especially* killer, I might try writing a synopsis for TRUTHSEEKER. It's what, Wednesday? I'm sure arcaedia has nothing better to do this weekend than read Yet Another Book Proposal from me... (my poor agent. :))

This job does not suck. :)
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