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a quick look forward and back

I don't make resolutions, 'cause I don't keep them. I have, though, for some years, created a list of goals to accomplish, and so will continue to do that.

1. write 400,000 words
  »» Accomplished! Buh.

2. walk 600 miles
  »» Nearly accomplished. 541 miles. Huh. Not bad. :)

3. read 104 books
  »» Read 83. That's actually a hell of a lot better than I've done for several years.

4. lose 12 pounds
  »» My people do not speak of this.

5. sell 3 books
  »» ...I don't think I sold *any* books in 2006. I signed contracts for 6 (3 of which fell out of the schedule) but nary a new contract in sight. That's okay. I'll see if I can't make up for it this year. :)

Weirdly enough, looking at the last year's accomplishments, the list doesn't seem to come anywhere near representing the amount of *work* I did.

For the first time I think I'm going to cut back on my ytd wordcount goal. This is the first year I've *made* 400K, and my conclusion is, "*Fuck* that's a lot of writing." I can't actually quite believe I did it. I only have two books due in 2007, and while I'm eager to get ahead of the curve, man. I think I'll aim for a smaller number this time, and if I write more than that, well, that's okay too.

Similarly with my reading list. I still feel pretty strongly that 104 books is the absolute minimum I should be reading in a year, but I don't think I've managed that since I started writing with the intent to get published. 5 years is long enough to learn that I'm not going to make that goal. :p

1. write 300,000 words
2. read 78 books
3. walk 600 miles
4. sell 5 books
5. add another 250 photos to kitsnaps
6. instigate a monthly Adventure Day for traveling around Ireland
7. reach weight loss goal

That looks pretty good. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 27

Oh, yes, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)
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