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Well, it's been a lovely most of a month off, but I've got to go back to work. (*snivel*) I got the AAs (galleys for the rest of the publishing world, but 'author alterations' for Harlequin) back on COYOTE DREAMS last week, and have to turn them in tomorrow, so with a cold or not, I must turn my attention to the words. They're due tomorrow, which just seems unfair, what with it being the holiday break and all. But my poor editorial assistant is apparently in the office this week, and production is impatient, so I gots to go back to work.

Plus I gotta write another 4K before the end of the month, to reach my 400K goal. And if I'm very cool I'll write the 5th and 6th Chance scripts, but I'm doubting that'll happen before the end of the year. Doesn't matter; that was on the speculative side of the goal sheet, not the necessary side.

Compared to this year, next year's work schedule is laughable. While I'm kinda sad Bombshell went down and that I won't be writing any more of those stories any time soon, the removal of 3 books from the schedule doesn't suck at all. I have ... are you ready for this? I have...


After five this year. My gawd. It's true I'll have to write at least two in 2007, because PRETENDER'S CROWN is due in early '08, but the only book I actually have due is the third Old Races book, which I think is now actually the third Negotiator book, and which the working title has changed from HANDS OF FLAME to HANDS OF CHANGE on. :) (There will be a quiz later.) Anyway, that's due May 1, and nothing else.

Now, granted, it is true that I have several zillion other self-imposed deadlines (rewriting ANGLES, hopefully writing CAULDRON, possibly selling this lil' thing I've been working on this month, at which point Ted said, "How is this like slowing down...?"), but while I'm pretty damned good at sticking to self-imposed deadlines, the prospect of only being contractually obliged to turn in 1 book this year and another early next year is like ~o angels they did sing on high! o~ :)

You know, despite this cold, I'm feeling pretty perky and cheerful all of a sudden. :)
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