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christmas l00t

A Christmas tradition once established that I could do without is being sick. Half of us are sick, although it is not the Great Seattle Puke Fest of '03, which was legendary.

Despite all the colds going around, it's been a very nice couple days. Sunday night's pizzas were excellent, making even Breic, who doesn't like pizza, happy, and he (Ted, not Breic) made danishes for Christmas breakfast. How spoiled we are! An enormous amount of loot was given and recieved, including, rfrancis will be glad to know, a headset mic for my computer, so with any luck I can get Skype working properly in the next couple days and we can do an interview. :) I'm also getting an upgrade for my video card, which it finally struck us might be the problem with my computer and not being able to watch video. That'd be cool. :) Ted got me some CDs and DVDs I wasn't expecting, and he *totally* cleaned up, getting a Nikon D70s digital camera which I now have camera envy over. :) So yeah, it was all good.

Breic got both a Spider-Man costume and a pirate costume, and has spent his waking hours changing from one to the other. :) I'll post pictures in a few days. For now I'm going to go back downstairs to where the kleenex are and maybe attempt to look at the words in a book, or write a few words, or something, for a while.

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