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Well, that was vexing.

I thought, "I know, I'll roast up a lot of potatoes and carrots with the chicken, and then tomorrow I can just make pot pie with the leftovers!" So I peeled a bunch of carrots and potatoes and threw them all into my big glass pan with the chicken.

And the big glass pan doesn't fit in the wretched tiny Irish oven. *grrr* So I had to take the remainder of the cake out of the 9x13 pan and wash it and put the chicken et all into that pan, and the et all doesn't fit nearly as well. *mutter*

Aside from that, I had a fairly successful shopping day today. I'll probably have to go in one more time, which is a little depressing, because O Lord The Madness Of The Shoppers, but I didn't get stressed out or grumpy, which is a big achievement for me when shopping. My hands hurt from carrying the bags, though.

The people of Cork do not realize it, but they have me to thank for the foggy-to-clear weather today. I wore my raincoat and brought a hat along. Had I not done so, it would've rained, and I was really quite too warm, but I saved all those shoppers from a drenching. I feel quite magnanimous, thank you. :)

ETA: I meant to mention the fellow at the train station who was taking tickets today. I've talked to him before. He sounds a bit Jewish, when he takes your ticket and says, "Oy vey."

If you're lucky, you hear the first part of what he says, so it becomes "Foy vay."

If you know where you're going, you realize what he's actually said is, "Five A," which is the platform the Cobh train leaves from. :)

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