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the road to hell...

My intention to go into town today was thwarted by getting up and discovering a heavy fog was upon us. I'd been waiting for a heavy fog to go down to the old graveyard and do a photo shoot, so that's what I did. And by the time I was done, my feet and shoes were completely soaked, so I ended up coming home, putting my shoes in the dryer, and wrapping Christmas presents. I have a bunch more to wrap. It seems like there was some period of time in my life when I enjoyed doing this more than I'm enjoying it right now, but I think that must be a false memory. :)

I outlined my game plan for the Chance series (which, in an ideal world, will be 48 issues long) to somebody who doesn't know me well and got,

"Uh, not TOO ambitious for yer first time out, eh? "I'll fly the plane, drive the tank and take on the whole football team simultaneously, sir!""

as a response.

I thought that was very, very funny. :)

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