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My friend Coby's adventures in searching for PHOENIX LAW.

I have not yet wrapped presents. I have, however, done laundry, gone shopping, paid my artist, walked home, made lunch, made a cake, walked the dog, cleaned the kitchen (twice), cleaned most of the dining room, written a smidge, studied up on exorcisms, made applesauce, made dinner, and made a friend go squee. In a while I'm going to play some CoH, which bodes ill for wrapping presents, but maybe if I get up early enough tomorrow I can do that and then go into Cork to do some shopping, which I also didn't do today..

Some fool has drunk all my water.


I was going to say something else, but it's escaped my leetle brain, so I'll just do some ytd updates and call it good. :)

ytd wordcount: 393,700
miles to Dunharrow: 10
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