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Eragon & train times

Someday, Ted and I will learn that the evening trains from Cork to Cobh run at 6:30, and then at 8, rather than at 6:30, 7, and 8:30 as we persist in believing. Every time, we say, "Well, next time we'll know," and we never, ever know. So what was theoretically a 3 hour trip into town to watch Eragon turned out to be a six hour trip, since I was hungry and made us miss the 12:30 train and therefore the 2:00 show, but we took the 1:30 train and the next show wasn't until 4:30. And then there was no 7pm train. Sigh.

Anyway, Eragon. I haven't read the book. Ted and I spent quite a lot of the movie wincing over, "Oh, look, the Star Wars tribute scene! Oh, look, the Peter Jackson fan shots!" and admiring how various characters were really, really clearly cobbled together versions of, say, Arwyn, Goldmoon & Ce'Nedra, or Belgarath, ... ok, mostly Belgarath. Or how I went HEY that kid looks exactly like Eragon, they're obviously brothers, THAT can't be right, the young farmboy hero is always an ORPHA--oh. Cousin. Okay then. *settles feathers*

Anyway. There was a lot of that. And we would lean over to each other and say, "Oh, *spoilery spoil spoil*," as scenes came up or finished or whatever.

However. Somehow, despite being completely cliched and fairly full of bad lines and totally predictable to anyone over the age of eleven who's a fantasy reader, by the climactic scene, they had me. I was caught up. I can't say it was a *good* movie, but by God, it worked. I went away from it happy. Possibly if people went in expecting brilliance they'd be disappointed, but I went in expecting not much and came away happy, and that's about all I can ask for from a movie. :)

I did think the dragon was really quite good. Not exactly my idea of perfect dragon stylistically, but still, she was well-animated, didn't look distractingly CGI'd/greenscreened, she retained her size ratios, and overall I'd say she was the best screen dragon I've seen so far. (It turns out I'm a horrible snob about dragons. I have yet to see one I thought was really flawlessly excellent. The Harry Potter dragons were very good, the best I'd seen up til that point, but I think Sapphira beat 'em out. She had a lot more screen time in which they could've screwed up, for one thing. I do, however, look forward to Smaug. Either Smaug will be It, or ...well. I'll be crushed. :))
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