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hooray for word wars

I logged onto Forward Motion for the first time since, like, February today, and harrassed a couple people into doing word wars with me. I *love* word wars. I don't know if it's just the competitive spirit in me, or if it's that I like knowing other people are writing RIGHT NOW, TOO! I actually think it's the latter, but whatever it is, it works for me. Got 2600 words done today, and that 400K goal is *really* close now. Wow.

Vaguely planning to bring the Dana with me to London so I have something to work on in the airports/on the plane. I might just hit 400K this week, if I do that. My god, this week is nutty, and I didn't realize it fully until, like, yesterday. I'm going to London on Tuesday afternoon and coming back Thursday evening, then Friday I've got to go to Dublin for Breic's birthday party, which means I have to get the presents that are going to Alaska wrapped *tonight* and put in the mail tomorrow because otherwise it'll be the sixth week of forever before that gets done. Bizz bizz bizz!

ytd wordcount: 392,400
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