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useful member of society :)

I'm feeling like a useful member of society today. I got up at a reasonable hour, which I haven't done all week, went forth, shopped, came home, cleaned the kitchen, had a productive email conversation, am making bread, and shortly will make fudge. I'm going to walk the dog in a few minutes, and I need to call to see about getting my hair cut. This, overall, is vastly better than feeling like a slug, which is what happens, it seems, if I make City of Heroes my priority for a day.

Oh, which reminds me:

is Miz Kit, on the CoV Triumph server. :) My only objection to CoH/V is that I can't actually do two-toned hair. *sulk*

All right. Off to walk the dorgy, and maybe I'll read or write something later, between cooking stuff. :)
Tags: daily life, gaming
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