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tiny bubbles

Ted and I made bbq pulled pork sandwiches for dinner last night (which is to say, he did everything else and I made the bbq sauce, which is how it works in our house. He keeps asking me for the bbq sauce recipe, but given that I just fling it together (ie: you put in enough ketchup, then add honey until it looks like the right amount. Then you pour in some worstershire and add salt, pepper, and garlic until it all seems right, and then you eat it), I can't really give it to him. Besides, I'm afraid if he learns the secret he'll run off with a much younger blonde and I'll be left to fend for myself!), and OMG TEH YUMMY. I'm having leftovers for lunch, and man, this is just *swoonably* good. *staggers around happily*

Also, a quote for the day:

My problem of course is that I hold myself to a really unattainable level of productivity, and because I actually manage to achieve it occasionally, I beat myself up like crazy when I don't.

If you know me at all, you'd probably think that quote was me speaking. It was, in fact, ursulav, and caused me to say to her that I was beginning to suspect we'd been separated at birth (woe betide our poor mother, because while she was born on May 28 and I was born on June 1 (which would be bad enough), the *years* in which we were born are four years apart), but my goodness, she nailed it. That's exactly why I get cranky when I don't write 5000 words every time I sit down to write, and it's ridiculous. :)

Further update on the neighbor auctionlet: jaylake has now got the auction items which didn't make it into the ebay auction for various reasons listed and linked here for bids.

I have nearly all the rough pages for issue 3 of Chance now. One's this huge double page spread with like seventeen frames, and I thought, man, the writer, she asks too much, but no, the rough on it is *already* amazing, and it's going to be just incredible when it's done. Another page I said, "Okay, so on the first page of the first issue you drew her getting dressed and it's really sexy. On this page, can you draw her getting dressed *angry*?" And he *did*. He totally, totally *did*. It's just *so cool*.

For some reason, Image has not yet contacted me to say YES YES YES WE WANT TO PUBLISH YOUR COMIC BOOK! I can't imagine why. :)
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