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all about jay lake

jaylake says some damned meaningful things about discipline.

And, speaking of Jay, the Neighbor Auctionlet is going on at ebay right now, so check it out and see if there's anything you might like to bid on! Proceeds are going to Jay's neighbor family. There'll be a secondary auction run through his journal in the next few days; I'll keep you posted.

And while I'm on the topic, my matching challenge is up to about $140, now. I'm hoping to reach $250 in donations, and will match any donations up to that number, so if you're feeling charitable or wanted to give me a little Christmas present, this would be a perfect way to do it. Easiest method is to paypal neighbor (a), then email me ( to let me know what you donated, so I can match it! I'm hoping to reach $250 by December 15...
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