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i dood a drawing!

There's some mythological perfect world out there where I can write and draw at the same time (not *exactly* the same time), which would allow me to get better at drawing faster. But, since I don't seem to have found my way to that MPW, I'll just do drawings when I'm not writing. I finally did one! At the rate I'm going, my thousand drawings project should be complete by the time I'm forty-five...

Anyway, my nephew Seirid.

Pretty pleased with this one. Babies are hard to draw. I didn't get his smile quite wide enough and the line of his jaw's too square, so I'll go ahead and do a lightbox version and then maybe another freehand version. I never did do a second freehand of the last one because while I got the angle of his arm wrong and therefore her back is too wide, I thought it was good enough. And, y'know, since I'm doing this for me... :) But anyway, it's pretty good. Someday I'm going to have to start drawing boring things, like furniture, aren't I. :)
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