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the speed of net

Being far too lazy to actually type this out myself, I'm just stealing it wholesale from desperance:

(several minutes later, eta: cyranocyrano points out neither desperance nor I can actually read instructions. Acephalous appears to actually be running this experiment, and the entry in question to be used is this one, not the one below. :D o.o)

esmeraldus_neo is conducting a wee experiment, to establish the speed of meme: to find out actually how far, how fast one new meme can spread across teh interwebs.

Here is a link to her entry, that explains why and how it works. It ain't hard, it is interesting, and we like her; we want everyone to play.

So these are the steps, and this completes them. We explain what she's doing; we link to her entry; we encourage other people to do the same. You are encouraged, nay, urged. C'mon, it's fun...

Oh, and then we ping Technorati, which will measure how far, how fast, etc.

There now, that wasn't hard...
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