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Only a week after getting the files and trying in a variety of ways to figure out how to get them to somewhere I could have them printed, it finally struck me I could go back to my original plan and have Ellen Million Graphics print out the pages, which would guarantee quality and (despite the fact that Ellen is literally on the other side of the world) actually be less hassle than this whole "try to burn a CD and find a print shop" thing has been.

I wish I'd thought of it last week. Although last week was Thanksgiving in the States, so I'm glad I didn't run to Ellen saying HEP HEP immediately before her Thanksgiving holiday. I'm doing it now instead. :)

In totally other news, my friend and fellow Luna author Gail Dayton, whose Rose books (THE COMPASS ROSE and THE BARBED ROSE) I've *loved* has had the third book in the trilogy picked up by Juno Books. I am *so* *incredibly* happy about this!
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