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I got through 450 pages of manuscript without falling asleep today, which is an amazingly good sign. I've got another hundred to go, and possibly should've stopped about 25 pages ago, as by the end I was just reading, and not thinking at all. I wanted to get to the last 3 chapters and just have those for tomorrow, but it's another 20 pages to the end of the one I'm on, and ... yeah. Had to stop. Good news is I'm fairly confident of the book up to 350 pages, and relatively confident up to 450 pages. Then again, I thought it was the last 3 chapters that were awful, so we'll see tomorrow, I imagine.

Right. Gotta call slovobooks, and then I can be Done for the day.

eta: in talking to slovobooks, I realized that including the WINTER MOON anthology, that in my first 18 months of publication, I have 7 books out. Buh.

eta eta: I can't count. 7th book won't be out til this spring. It's only 6. Okay. :)
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