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famous people meme

Nicked from tahnan, 'cause it looked like fun:

Name the famous people you've met or seen at a close distance. Feel free to post this in your journal or to make comments in mine.

This is more or less in order of appearance.

- When I was 9, Dad and I went to see Bob Hope perform. It was *awful*. But I got to see Bob Hope perform. :)

- I failed to meet Kirk Cameron in an up-close-and-personal manner when I was 13 (at the height of his Growing Pains fame) due to chickening out at asking the really cute boy playing video games at the airport if there was some reason he looked familiar. Later the group of kids I was with mobbed him, so I've been in his presence, anyway.

- watched John Goodman play "Papa" in the Broadway production of Big River

- I spent an afternoon at Anne McCaffrey's house just after my 20th birthday. Elizabeth Anne Scarborough was also there.

- *Directly* consequential of the Kirk Cameron incident, I introduced myself to Jim Byrnes (at another airport), making enough of an impression that he remembered me for the next several years. shadowhwk and I also got drunk with him. (xpioti did not get drunk, and I don't seem to have a picture of just the two of them. Hmph.)

- Stan Kirsch, who had a thing for shadowhwk

- Peter Wingfield's signed a pair of underwear for me

- went to a Douglas Adams lecture & had him sign a copy of HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE

- I've slow danced with Anthony DeLongis

- I've been hugged by James Marsters more than once, but not as well as aberdeen. (OTOH, I was provided with the opportunity to utter those immortal words, "That man's not wearing any underwear," so it's all good.)

- spoke very briefly indeed with Amber Benson

- watched Hugh Jackman perform on Broadway the very first preview night of The Boy From Oz. He broke character at least once and almost fell off the stage in the final number. :)

- I gave Ron Glass a copy of URBAN SHAMAN. Wouldn't he make a terrific Gary? O.O

- Ted and I had a totally embarrassing very giggly very funny fanboy moment when we walked into the I-CON guest suite and Carmen Argenziano was hanging out there.

- Brushed past Kevin Sorbo, who looked like a bit of a prima donna, if you want to know the truth.

- listened to George Takei give a speech

- JG Jones, comics artist and Louisiana boy, who has promised to cook us jambalaya someday

- authors are actually getting to the too many to list stage (buh). If I limit it to NYT bestsellers I've actually had at least brief conversations with, I believe it's Jim Butcher, Steven Brust, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, and Joan Johnston. Oh! And Anne Perry! :)

That's about everybody I can think of right now. Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze have both stayed at a friend's B&B, but I was neither the one who got locked into the video store so Cruise could look for a movie alone without being mobbed, nor the one who knocked on the door of the B&B, asked the man who answered if it was true Patrick Swayze was staying there, then shrieked and ran away in delight upon learning that the answer was yes, without actually realizing it was he who'd answered the door. :)

Ok, that was really actually a lot of fun!
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