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Apparently the line art my letterer was working from has proven to be different dimensions from the final colors, so she's having to do a bunch more work than she expected and is unlikely to be done in time for submission tomorrow. So it'll probably be the middle of next week, as she's going away for the weekend. Pother. I mean, oh well; not much can be done about it, and we'll certainly know, when the time comes, to have everybody sit down and discuss file sizes and dimensions and everything for book two.

I'm now wondering if it's worth bothering to send this year, or if I should wait until January for a sort of fresh start, as certainly the book publishing industry goes into a serious get-nothing-done phase after Thanksgiving. Hrm.

However, in direct stance against that nothing-gets-done thing, I have, at least, just submitted the proposal for the Walker Papers 4-6. Fly, fly away, little book, as Misty says, and come back as a BIG FAT CHECK!

ytd wordcount: 382,000
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