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I got the final colors for Chance #1 this morning, and they're beautiful. I had a bunch of minor detaily notes for the colorist last week, and he fixed 'em all up wonderfully, and just wow. *Wow*. I'll post the first five pages, with letters and everything, for people to admire, when I get 'em. Hopefully Friday. Wow.

Ardian's sent me all but one of the pages for the second issue now, too. I think it's prettier than the first issue, and the first issue is gorgeous. I also think, in retrospect, looking at the whole thing, that it's better written. The transitions are better, particularly. Maybe I'm starting to get the hang of this. :)

Oh, UPS just delivered the COYOTE manuscript for copy edits. Okay. Now I have a Plan. Today I'll finish the proposal (I have to, because that way I can give dancinghorse a hard time, although I suspect the chapter she needed to do is done, as her latest entry indicates the Book From Hell has been delivered, which means if I *don't* do my chapter, *she* will get to give *me* a hard time). Tomorrow and over the weekend I'll work on the copy edits (Friday's a day off, as I'm going to go talk to sammywol's sf class about the industry, and then go see Casino Royale with Ted), and next week I'll do TQB edits. That needs to go in the mail the 27th. All will be well. Awesome.

I also need to clean the kitty litter today, which isn't nearly as awesome. :)

Did I *mention* how *pretty* my comic book is? O.O
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