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It'd be okay if this cold went away now. :p

I got most of the synopsis for CAULDRON BORNE written yesterday, and more or less none of it written today. :) My genius plot-machine (I typed "hot-machine" first, you may take that as you will) husband helped me come up with (ie, came up with himself) the plot bunnies for Walker Papers 6 while we were on the way in to Cork to see The Prestige, so I should get that whole proposal turned in tomorrow or Wednesday. And in the fastest turn-around in the west, copy edits for COYOTE are on their way to me and have to be back by the 30th. I actually figured them being due the 24th, so hey, lookit all that free time, or something. :)

The Prestige was very good, and we saw Harry Dresden's name on the billboard during Christian Bale's first magic act scene. Bwahaha. :) And when we came home we watched the rest of S2 4400, whichis really a pretty damned good show. I want season 3.

Oh, Lord, I'm dumb. I bought not only Dr. Who in America, which we'd bought here the week before, but also S3 of La Femme Nikita, when I /intended/ to buy S4. Dammit. :p Speaking of TV on DVD. *sigh*

debela is demanding fudge in exchange for sending me more Gilmore Girls. Since I /have/ her early seasons of GG, I can only assume that their return is not as important as the fudge that is to come with them. *laugh* It's a hard life. :)
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