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doing a little clean-up

I have this irrational fear of my flist getting oversized, and have just gone through to prune it. If you are a writer, particularly a professional writer, I've probably switched you over to another journal's flist (cemurphy). If you're one of those and have the mizkit account on a flock, I'd love it if you put cemurphy on it, so I can still read entries! (I'll email the people I believe to have me on such a lock, to make it easier on them.)

If you're not a professional writer, it's incredibly unlikely that I've taken you off the flist, because either I know you personally or your journal entertains me in some fashion which causes me to read it. :)

I do wish LJ would switch that over to 'readers' instead of 'friends'. 'Friends' is so loaded. o.O

eta: Nevermind. I'm a special *kind* of dolt, aren't I? I'm still going to be /reading/ blogs with the mizkit account, so nobody needs to friend the cemurphy one. Duh. *slinks off*
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