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My head is so completely full of green snot that my left ear is aching from it. Yes, I'm sure it's aching specifically from the snot, and not from pressure or anything mundane like that. Quite sure. I'm also quite sure you're all very glad I decided to share this little gem of information with you.

In a moment here I'm going to get the CB files I've written off Indexus and drag my green-snot-filled-self into the other room and try to get a few thousand words done. I'm pathetically far behind on my NNWM (I mentioned NNWM to my editor last weekend and she said, "And you laugh in all their fifty-thousand-word faces, ah ha ha!" *laughs*). Really, the only way i'm going to succeed is if I write, oh, say, 40K this weekend, which, I must admit, doesn't seem very likely. :)

Oh, wow, the lineup of stuff jaylake is getting for his neighbor's auctionlet is pretty cool. Once more, I'm doing matching funds up to $250 (I think people've donated about $100 so far) ; see details here. Another $150's not so much for the 200+ people on my flist to come up with, right? *hopeful eyes*
Tags: daily life, jay's neighbor, nanowrimo
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