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My agent and my editor both told me, on separate occasions, that perhaps I needed to start learning a musical instrument. Instead of writing comic books as my down-time project. *laugh* I think I should go back to drawing, but apparently I really only draw when I'm not writing. Takes too much concentration, or something. :)

*So* close to done with the submission. I sent the edits for the colors and the text today, and Jason (the colorist) expects to have the color edits done by Monday evening and Melissa (the letterer) thought the edits and color layouts for the letters would take next to no time at all. *hop hop hop* I'm getting nervous about it. :) SOOON, my precious, SOOOOON!

Assuming I'm feeling up to it (I'm still sick, but no longer bone-exhausted) I'm going to spend the weekend trying to catch up on my NNWM, and then next week doing edits on TQB, which I got a two-week extension for. (Turning it in on the 15th might've been possible, but I did not allow for losing an entire day in Atlanta, nor con crud, the latter of which I might've worked through if I hadn't lost the time in Atlanta.) With that time crunch alleviated, I'm actually kind of looking forward to doing the revisions, which is nice. :) I printed the book out, and even at 2 pages a sheet, it's STILL a big manuscript. I have to start the revisions at the end, because that's what needs the most work, and if I work my way through from the front, I'll be dead by the time I get to the back. :)

Sleep soon. Work tomorrow.

miles to Isengard: 325
ytd wordcount: 379,000
Tags: chance, five more miles, nanowrimo, revisions

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