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everybody's doing it...

Everybody ELSE on arcaedia's list is doing it, so I thought I would: a tentative schedule for next year's cons.

» Phoenix Con, Dublin, Ireland, March 10-11 2007

» Pi-Con, West Springfield, MA, Aug. 10-12, 2007 (GoH)

» MeCon, Belfast, Northern Ireland (assuming it doesn't conflict with Pi-Con)

» Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Colorado Gold, Sept 7-9 (probably) 2007

» Octocon, Maynooth, Ireland, mid-October 2007

» Orycon, Portland, OR, Nov. 17-19 2007

I'd love to put, y'know, like, ComicCon and WFC in there, but I'm already not entirely sure where the money for the stuff in the States will come from as it is, so. :) Perhaps if we win the EuroMillions. :)

Ok, I've been up almost twelve hours now, so I think I better go to bed. o.o :)
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