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I got back to my email (just now: I got home about 40 minutes ago, gawd) to not one, but two notifications that I'd made Ansible's Neat Tricks Department:

* _Neat Tricks Dept._ `I tilted my face up, eyes closed against the stinging drops, and watched the garden flash bright with the crack of lightning.' (C.E. Murphy, _Thunderbird Falls_, 2006) [MKK]

*blushes and laughs* As suricattus said, eternal flame fame is mine!

I also got email from J.G. Jones, to whom I gave a copy of URBAN SHAMAN. The subject line was, "I blame you," and the email said:

Okay, I'm dog tired and I blame you.

I worked a brutal week making deadlines on covers, and went to bed last night with the intention of reading a chapter of something until I passed out. Since I had just finished a couple of books that I had going simultaneously, I grabbed Urban Shaman and started in.

I had to read thirteen chapters before my eyes stopped focusing and the pets were whining about the light being on. I was captivated. The story just picked me right up and pulled me along. I love the voice and the pacing. It's a really good read! So I'm blaming you for my lack of sleep, my bloodshot eyes, and my eyestrain headache.

Nice job.

-radiates cheerfulness and laughter-

I am so insanely tired. I have things to talk about, but I'm going to go sit in the shower until the grime of two days of travel has sluffed off me and then I'm crawling into bed and staying there for a very, very long time.

But first: a not-quite-worksafe example of what happens when toddlers are introduced to Fine Art. *howls with laughter*
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