kit (mizkit) wrote,


Definitely sick, although I've got nothing on poor Jim Minz, who arrived at the Saturday awards ceremony long enough to prop himself up and look wasted and consumptive in his very nice suit and clap in a way that suggested he was trying not to expend all his energy on any one round of applause. Apparently he got a flu shot last Monday, and it worked. Poor man. Anyway, I'm only sick enough to be vaguely annoyed by it, and very tired. I ate dinner and went to bed last night, because I'm a real party animal. This morning I'm trying to explain to myself that msagara's CAST IN COURTLIGHT will still be available to read this evening on the plane, whereas my opportunities to go to the Georgia aquarium are likely to be limited.

Gonna go do that now. Oh, first I'll look to see if I can find addresses for B&Ns and Borders downtown...
Tags: where's catie?

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