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*this* close...

I have 2 things left to do this year, as far as my paying gigs are concerned: edit and turn in THE QUEEN'S BASTARD, and write & turn in the proposal for CAULDRON BORNE & the next 2 Walker Papers. TQB is due Nov. 15, which makes Nov. 15 the Catie Drops Dead date. I'm aiming to have it all done then.

"All" also includes submitting TAKE A CHANCE to Image on or by the 15th. (I'm sort of nervous about that one. It's been a while since I've been rejected. *laugh*)

My remaining unpaid gigs for the year are two more Chance scripts (a December project), and however much I get done on my Nano novel. (Which will turn into a paying gig, but is not currently contracted for.)

So. Close. To done.
Tags: chance, five more miles, walker papers

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